EDZ Motorcycle Stockists

Although we are primarily an outdoor clothing company, motorcyclists have been buying EDZ clothing and accessories since we started in the 1990s.  Consequently, our products are used every day by thousands of motorcyclists for you name it; daily commutes, track days, touring, ride outs, even racing superstars wear EDZ!   Here is a quick guide to EDZ products in a motorcycling context:

Appropriate Layers

It may sound obvious, but it is amazing how many riders go out on their bikes wearing completely inappropriate choices of outer layers for the prevailing conditions.  So ventilated leathers won’t be much good in sub zero conditions no matter what you have underneath and conversely heavy duty textiles on a boiling hot day won’t be ideal.

base layers

EDZ offer two types, Merino Wool and All Climate, both can be worn in hot or cold conditions, in hot these will wick away sweat, dry quickly, stop skin sticking to linings and in cold conditions retain warmth.

All Climate V Merino

The merino base layer will be warmer than the All Climate in cold conditions.  The All Climate will need washing daily whereas the merino has natural anti odour properties so can be worn for days without getting smelly which is why merino tends to be the choice for touring. The all climate does cost less though.

addition layers

For extra warmth underneath a motorcycle jacket our microfleece Mid-layers offer a second layer.  These are thin fleece offering good thermal properties without being bulky, work well over our base layers but can be worn over any type of shirt.  Available as a pullover ¼ zip or jacket and these are compact so ideal so stow away easily.


In addition to our base layers and mid-layers EDZ also do underwear and a whole range accessories for heads hands and feet.



Liner gloves

Neck warmers