EDZ Quick Guide To Layering Up In Cold Windy Conditions

Layer up with efficient layers, if it is windy cut out windchill with a windproof outer layer. Avoid baggy clothing and loose fitting jumpers.

First layer

A  thermal base layer next to the skin, wool is the best, avoid cotton and compression wear, fit should not be tight.


Second layer

A close fitting mid-layer fleece and a base layer is an efficient combination and thin enough to wear under a jacket.

Extra layer

And if it is really chilly wear a fleece jacket such as our EDZ Yeti over the the top.


As we loose a lot of heat through our heads, hands and feet,  socks, gloves and headwear are essential items of kit and as with the base layers wool is the best for warmth.


On the outside 

A windproof jacket & trousers